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cosmetics Refrigerator

KD 20.000

2 in 1: Controllable LED Lighted Cosmetic Fridge and Mirror which can be carried easily, 8 liter capacity, used for cosmetics, skin care and more at home, car or in the office.


  • Unique design of mirror and LED lamp, you can do makeup directly in front of the fridge.
  •  It cools and warms up: The cooling temperature can drop to about 22 degrees Celsius than the surrounding environment, and the heating temperature can reach about 65 degrees Celsius.
  •  Large capacity and multiple grid storage: removable partition and storage shelf on the refrigerator door.
  • Wide usage: not only you can store beverages, fruits, cosmetics and other cold beverages, but also you can keep warm tea, lunch, coffee, etc.
  • Note: It includes a special wire to run the car.

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